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Call for Proposals: FP7-PEOPLE-2011- IOF

Proposal No. 302640

Acronym: WASE – West African Pentecostalism in Southern Europe





Annalisa Butticci 

Assistant Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at the Department of Anthropology of the University of Utrecht. She received her MA from the University of Padua, and her PhD from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. She was post-doctoral fellow in the department of Social and Cultural Analysis of New York University and Marie Curie fellow at Harvard Divinity School and the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Utrecht University. Her areas of research include visual and material culture of religions, religious aesthetics and politics, and religions and societies of West Africa and African diasporas (with a special focus on Ghana and Nigeria). She is the author of the book The Politics of Presence: African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe(forthcoming, Harvard University Press, 2016) and of several articles and multimedia works on African Religions. She is the co-director of the documentary film Enlarging the Kingdom: African Pentecostalism in Italy (28 min), curator of two multimedia exhibitions entitled Black Motion: Diasporic Bodies, Identity and Emotions (Venice, Sale Docs, 2010) and Na God (Padova, Palazzo Moroni, 2012), and the editor of the catalogue Na God: Aesthetics of African Charismatic Power (Grafiche Turato Press, 2013).


Scientist in Charge

Birgit Meyer

Trained as a cultural anthropologist and working on lived religion in Ghana for more than 20 years, Birgit Meyer studies religion from a global and post-secular perspective. Her research is driven by an urge to make sense of the shifting place and role of religion in our time, and to show that scholarly work in the field of religion is of eminent concern to understanding the shape of our world in the early 21st century. In so doing, she seeks to synthesize grounded fieldwork and theoretical reflection in a broad multidisciplinary setting. Her main research foci are the rise and popularity of global Pentecostalism; religion, popular culture and heritage; religion and media; religion and the public sphere; religious visual culture, the senses and aesthetics.


Photographer/Film Maker

Andrew Esiebo

is an award winning photographer / artist who started out in photography by chronicling the rapid development of urban Nigeria as well as the country’s rich culture and heritage. Over the last three years, he has been extensively working on Nigerian religions and spirituality, visually exploring the growing Charismatic and Pentecostal movements,  their massive gatherings, prayer styles, use of spaces, and sacred objects. His works have been exhibited worldwide such as at the Photo Quai biennial in Paris, France, South London Gallery, London, UK, Location One Gallery, New York, USA, Goethe Institute, Lagos, Nigeria, Sao Paulo biennial, the Guangzhou Triennial in Beijing, the Chobi Mela V Photo Festival in Bangladesh, the Noorderlitch Photo Festival in Netherlands, African Photography Encounters in Mali and the Lagos Photo Festival among others. His images have featured in international publications, books, magazines and websites. Andrew Esiebo’s website





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Cariparo Foundation Project of Excellence


The West African Pentecostal Diaspora in Italy



Principal investigator

A n n a l i s a   B u t t i c c i 


Photographer/Film Maker

A n d r e w   E s i e b o


Scientific Coordinator

E n z o   P a c e  


Scientific Consultants

Elom Dovlo, educated at the University of Ghana, Legon and the University of Lancaster (UK), is a Professor of Religions at the University of Ghana. Prof. Dovlo specializes in the Comparative History of Religions, New Religious Movements, Patterns of Christian Ministry inAfrica, African Pentecostalism, Religion in the African Diaspora, and Religion in Contemporary Ghanaian Public Life. He has published articles in these areas in various refereed journals.

Oyeronke Olademo is a Professor of Religions at the University of Ilorin in Nigeria, where she has taught and researched on comparative religions and women in religion for the past 19 years. She has widely publishedin these areas. She is the author of the book Women in the Yoruba Religious Sphere and co-author of the book Women and New and Africana Religions.

Matthews A. Ojo is the Vice Chancellor of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. His research focuses on African Christianity, with special interest in the dynamics of Pentecostal and charismatic movements in Africa and indigenous Protestant missions from Africa. He has  published widely on Pentecostalism in Nigeria and is therefore rightly portrayed as the pioneer of the study of Charismatic Christianity in Nigeria. His  book The End-Time Army: Charismatic Movements in Modern Nigeria is  the first and most detailed account of Nigerian Pentecostalism.  



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